AI and Tech

Fall 2023
סתיו תשפ"ד

AI and Tech

Prizmah Columns

From the Editor: AI and Tech

From the CEO: Using Tech with Kavvanah

From the Board Chair: God, Jewish Day Schools and AI

Data-Driven Decision Making: Three Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Strategy

In This Issue

Standing With Israel

On Shmini Atzeret, October 7th, as we were celebrating the holiday and preparing to dance with the Torah on Simchat Torah, our hearts were inalterably rent by news of the brutal massacre and kidnapping of so many Israelis. The weeks since have only deepened our pain and anger at the suffering inflicted. As Jews, we are doing all that we can to support Israel, Israelis, our relatives, friends, those we know and others who are part of our larger family, the House of Israel. At such a time, it is...

About This Issue

The enormous powers and potential of AI render it a source of tremendous hope and fear. Articles in this issue are by people who are already well versed and immersed in AI, who have considered its potential and reflected upon its concerning features. Several of the pieces show extraordinary developments already taking place in the classroom and beyond. Some articles explore tech policies that schools are implementing, while others offer guidance for schools on how to use technology to enhance education. 

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About HaYidion

HaYidion is the thought-leadership magazine of Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools. It is published twice a year. No articles may be reproduced or distributed without express written permission of Prizmah. All rights reserved.

The articles here represent the diverse views of the North American Jewish day school field, and not necessarily those of Prizmah.

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Putting the AI in JudAIsm
School Feature

AI in the Classroom

This issue considers AI from on high: the opportunities and dangers, to embrace or shun, making it Jewish. But teachers are experimenting with AI today, devising projects and lesson plans that empower students to utilize AI for their learning. What does AI look like in our classrooms, now? Here is a window into AI learning at five schools.
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Articles From This Issue

  • ​​How to Avoid Digital Distractions in the Classroom and Deliver High-Impact Teaching
    Laura Tierney
  • AI in the Classroom
  • The Tech Frontier: What Parents Can Look for at Their Child’s School
    Holly Seidenfeld
  • From the CEO: Using Tech with Kavvanah
    Paul Bernstein
  • Embracing the Synergy of Technology, Jewish Values and 21st Century Learning
    Jonathan Fass
  • From the Board Chair: God, Jewish Day Schools and AI
    Lisa Coll
  • AI and Torah Lishmah
    David Zvi Kalman
  • On My Nightstand: Fall 2023
    Chance Lattasima, Barb Gelb, Cheryl Maayan, Elliott Rabin
  • Igniting Sparks of Meaning with AI-Driven Technology
    Sarah Palmer
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Three Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Strategy
    Odelia Epstein
  • Rethinking the Digital Revolution in Education
    Yuval Chomski
  • Standing With Israel
  • From Scrolls to Screens: Jewish EdTech Through the Ages
    Sara Wolkenfeld
  • From the Editor: AI and Tech
    Elliott Rabin
  • Over-Networked and Under-Connected: Jewish Education in an Age of Limited Connectivity
    Eli Gottlieb
  • Sustainable Teacher Development in the Age of Technology
    Tziri Lamm
  • Leadership Lessons from Covid to AI
    Smita Kolhatkar, Carol Piraino
  • Embrace the Change: AI is Ours to Own
    Mark Shpall, Glenn A. Sonnenberg
  • Responsible Use: A Form of Prayer
    Rachel Lebwohl
  • A Double-Edged Sword: Keeping Technology for Children with Disabilities Both Safe and Beneficial
    Rabbi Dr. Yisrael Rothwachs
  • Now Is the Time: Using AI to Catalyze Radical Change
    Sarah Rubinson Levy
  • Multimedia: A Way to Increase Inclusivity in Diverse Classrooms
    Eliene Augenbraun
  • AI Will Revolutionize Education for the Better … Mostly
    Jacob Pinnolis
  • Wrestling With the Future, With Curiosity and Empathy
    Ariel Raz, Dan Glass
  • Changing the Default Settings
    Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn
  • How AI Will Truly Transform Schools
    Sandra Nagy
  • Values-Based Relationships with Devices
    Lauren Porosoff
  • Empowering Teen Change by Studying Technology Law and Policy
    Rebecca Cohen Skulnick
  • Setting Norms: It Takes a Community
    Yael Krieger