Prizmah Network Welcome Kit

Welcome to the Prizmah Network

Logo Usage

Celebrate your affiliation with the Network, by proudly displaying the Prizmah logo on the homepage of your website and marketing materials. Your affiliation with the network of Jewish day schools across North America can strengthen your school’s brand and value proposition.

For logo usage, see the specifications and art files below.


Clear Space

We are very proud of our Prizmah logo and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best.

The visual identifier serves as the primary branding element and is used on all Prizmah communications. The visual identifier is comprised of the symbol and logotype.

PLEASE NOTE: All logo standards listed in the visual identifier section apply to all formats.


Minimum Display Size

To maintain legibility and clarity within the visual identifier, the identifier files should never be reproduced smaller than the sizes shown. The minimum display size is specified for both print and digital communications.


School Logo Placement

School logos should be separated by a Midnight Blue (HEX 00356C) rule (line) of .75pts when paired with the Prizmah identifier. The height of the rule (line) is the height of the Prizmah identifier. When placed with a school logo, the Prizmah identifier should always appear first. Both logos should be similar in scale.

Below are the Prizmah logos in both .png and .jpg format. Click the logo to download your preferred format.


Prizmah Logo .png format
.png format


Prizmah Logo .jpg format
.jpg format

Please stay tuned for additional Prizmah events, benefits and bonus benefits throughout the 2023-24 school year.


If you have questions or concern, please contact Cheryl Rosenberg, Senior Director, Brand Strategy.

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