Data and Analysis For School Leadership (DASL)



Better data = informed decisions

  • How does your school’s financial aid level compare with other schools?
  • What is tuition like in similar markets?
  • Are your salaries in line with other schools?
  • Is your attrition rate high or low?
  • Do you want field wide data about Jewish day school financial metrics to help you make informed decisions about your school?

When you know how your school compares with others, you can make informed, data-driven decisions that can strengthen your school.

Through our partnership with the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS), Prizmah is making the Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) tool available to you to explore your school’s strengths and opportunities, set goals, and understand how you fit into larger educational trends. Eighty Jewish day schools (and counting) are already using DASL.


You can be next!


The most important piece - the power of DASL depends on you.

The DASL database is only as rich as the data Prizmah schools provide. We’ll admit that entering the data can be time-consuming. We’ve got lots of resources to help you along the way.

For example, you can benchmark your school against local schools that participate, the entire Prizmah Network, or a specific group of schools that you select. You can turn to Prizmah for help interpreting your data. You can export DASL’s data to share your insights with stakeholders in PowerPoints or PDFs.

Once you start thinking about how you’d use DASL’s data, you’ll come up with many useful ways to assess your school’s place in the day school landscape.

Intrigued? We would love to talk to you about sharing your school’s data with DASL.


Report Examples

*available to network schools only.

Hear the benefits of DASL from school professionals who use it.


In this webinar, Orna Siegel, a senior admissions professional and Hilary Hellman, a senior development professional to discuss how the Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) tool can give you meaningful data to drive your planning and decision-making.




How long does it take to enter the data?

That depends on how your school collects data, and how many people are able to work on the data entry. Schools often delegate different portions of the survey to the relevant staff member—for example, an admissions professional completes the admissions section and a fundraising professional completes the advancement section. With multiple professionals working on different sections, it can take up to 1 business day of their time collectively to complete the tool. We believe the benefit of completing the tool and being able to access relevant Jewish day school benchmarking data outweighs the time commitment.

Will my school’s data be anonymous?

Your school’s data is identifiable except in the area of salary and compensation. No individual compensation data will be identifiable to your school.

Why should my school participate?

There are several good reasons for you to participate.

  • Your participation will enable your school’s leaders to make key strategic decisions with relevant comparable data.
  • The data will be available to you when you need it.
  • Prizmah uses this data to paint a portrait of the state of the field of Jewish education. That information is useful to everyone involved in the field, including individual schools, consultants, and funders. And the more data we have, the more robust and useful that portrait will be—to all stakeholders.

“Using DASL allows me to put my school’s admission and enrollment data in national, regional, and association-based context. This is invaluable as I work to communicate our successes, goals, and challenges to school leadership and supports data-driven decision making concerning where I should be spending my time and resources.”

Orna Siegel, Director of Enrollment and Tuition Assistance at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

“I really believe that data informed decision making is so important and this is the best tool we have available for that.”

Beth Null, Head of School, The Lerner School

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