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Elliott is Prizmah's Director of Thought Leadership. Learn more about him here.

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Supporting the Wellbeing of Israeli Transfer Students

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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Teaching and Learning
Recently, some members of Prizmah’s Learning Specialist Reshet participated in a conversation facilitated by Dr. Rachel Fryman to share what their schools

Questions About AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Recently, I had the golden opportunity to take a plunge into the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) at the JEP’s Jewish Futures

The Same and Entirely Different

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The Book of Devarim that we are reading in synagogue during these weeks is a recap of the previous four books; the

Making the Case for Jewish Day Schools Now

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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Enrollment, School Policies and Procedures
Sometimes what is so obvious to us needs to be restated: Jewish day schools are places of excellence, in ways that the

Committee, Structure, and Composition

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Photo by Stefany Andrade on Unsplash Forming committees on a board is more of an art than a science. There are few

Thanksgiving Arguments, and Unity

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"You cut the turkey without me?!?" This classic line from Avalon , Barry Levinson's 1990 film about a Baltimore Jewish family, illustrates

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From the Editor: Jewish Educator Pipeline

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From the Editor: AI and Tech

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On My Nightstand: Fall 2023

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On My Nightstand: Spring 2023

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HaYidion Article
Contemporary literature on education is awash with articles touting the benefits of strong relationships. According to one recent academic study, “Substantial research


HaYidion Article
So many factors play into parents’ decision about whether a day school is affordable. For some, the first step is committing to