HaYidion: The Prizmah Journal

Value Proposition

This issue looks at the mixture of elements, ranging from mission and leadership to curriculum and vibe, that draw people to Jewish schools. Sections explore the relationship between schools and their communities, the value that our schools provide and communicate for students and parents, and the centrality of teachers as creators and purveyors of that value. Articles balance the timelessness of Jewish education with contemporary educational, managerial and systemic trends impacting our schools and field at this moment.

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Spring 2022
HaYidion Spring 2022, Value Proposition

Articles From This Issue

  • In the Issue: Value Proposition
    Elliott Rabin, editor
  • From the CEO: Delivering on Our Promise
    Paul Bernstein
  • From the Board Chair: Seizing the Moment
    David Friedman
  • Accelerating Impact: Transforming the Field
    Amy Adler, Elissa Maier, Dan Perla, Cheryl Rosenberg
  • Looking Outside and Not Just Inside Jewish Day Schools for Their Value
    Alex Pomson and Jack Wertheimer
  • Adjusting Value Proposition to Meet the Needs of a School Community
    Carin Simon
  • What the Jewish Community Can Learn from Youth Softball
    Jordan Soffer
  • Using Market Research to Elevate Marketing Strategy
    Alyson Fieldman and Abigail Silverman
  • More = More: Jewish Day Schools and the Education of American Jewish Leaders
    Ezra Kopelowitz
  • Commentary: “Values-Driven” Jewish Schools
  • Seven Advantages of the Immersive Nature of Jewish Day Schools
    Sharon Freundel
  • Shared Purpose and Mutual Responsibility in a Diverse Community
    Adam Eilath
  • High School Already? Addressing Concerns of Kindergarten Parents
    Hillary Levitt Dunn
  • Value Proposition of Day School Education in the College Campus Setting
    Benjamin Berger
  • Learning Talmud from Your Child: Day School Value Proposition for Parents
    Jennifer Weinstock
  • The Advice Booth: Making the Most of the Donor Cycle Through Value Proposition
    Ely Winkler
  • School Spread: Value Proposition Through the Eyes of New Students
  • Creating a Student-Centered High School for a Post-Covid World
    Jenny Gomeringer and Lily Rabinoff-Goldman
  • Doing Diversity
    Jonah Hassenfeld
  • Re-energizing the Teaching Value Proposition
    Gavriel Brown
  • Professional Development to Promote a School's Value Proposition
    Joanie Silverman
  • To Teach Means to be Exposed: Balancing Student Autonomy with Teacher Guidance in a Judaics Classroom
    Jonah Potasznik
  • Research Corner: Jewish Day School Development Trends
    Odelia Epstein, Director, Prizmah's Knowledge Center
  • On My Nightstand: Books That Prizmah Staff Are Reading