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Our Vision

A vibrant, passionate, knowledgeable, and committed Jewish community, empowered by Jewish day schools, for generations to come.


Our Mission

Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools strengthens the North American day school field. We are the network for Jewish day schools and yeshivas, enhancing their ability to excel and thrive, by deepening talent, catalyzing resources, and accelerating educational innovation.

About Prizmah

Prizmah Is the Network for Jewish Day Schools Across North America

We partner with day schools, yeshivas, philanthropists, and communities from all denominations, helping them grow their reach and impact and tackle the challenges on their path to success.

Educating our children is the most important investment we can make in their future. Jewish day schools inspire and nurture young people, prepare them for remarkable and meaningful lives, and enable them to thrive.

Prizmah enhances the ability of schools to excel and thrive. Prizmah is building networks for schools and their supporters to connect, learn, and drive impact—deepening talent by investing in professional and lay leaders, catalyzing resources to generate funding for schools to flourish, and accelerating educational innovation to foster teaching and learning opportunities that empower students to thrive.

At Prizmah, we see what is possible for Jewish day schools, and we’re passionate about making that vision a reality.

About Prizmah

Strategic Plan

Year in Review 2019 - 2020



Prizmah is proud to support Jewish day schools across North America. And while our impact is international, you can see the good work we're doing in local communities, too.


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SRE Coalition Commitment

See Prizmah's commitment to safety, respect and equity (SRE) here

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