HaYidion: The Prizmah Journal - Submit a Proposal

Submit a Proposal for HaYidion Spring 2024: Educator Pipeline

We encourage you or a colleague to submit a proposal for the upcoming issue of HaYidion, Prizmah’s magazine for lay and professional leaders in Jewish day schools. The theme of the issue is EDUCATOR PIPELINE. Last fall, we started the conversation on the teacher pipeline challenge, looking at a few initiatives run by schools, communities, and organizations. This issue will explore pipeline matters both broader and deeper. For educators, it will present some of the new, ambitious, and bold initiatives poised to change and strengthen the field systematically in matters of inspiring more people to become teachers, recruitment, hiring, and retention of excellent teachers. The focus will be on Hebrew and Judaics educators; writers are welcome to cover other fields where teachers are hard to find. It will seek to delve into the root of the causes so that the solutions address them properly. Other pipeline issues may also be explored, space permitting.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ways to widen the pipeline
  • Camp counselors as potential teachers
  • Paving the runway from former students to potential teachers
  • Initiatives to encourage students to pursue teaching as a profession
  • Strengthening pre-service learning for teacher success
  • Impact of salary on attracting and retaining teachers
  • Models of teacher pay and benefits that make a difference
  • Articulating the whole package that can elevate the status of the teaching profession
  • Morim shlichim: successes and challenges
  • Attracting teachers in small communities
  • Avoiding teacher burnout
  • Recruiting from unconventional pools
  • Coaching teachers, both new and more veteran

We look for articles that present ideas in fresh ways, offer the new, lesser known and unexpected, engage with the current literature and trends, reflect honestly upon challenges in the field, and have an eye trained on innovative, successful initiatives. Important: articles must have a clear and compelling argument that gives shape to the whole.

Please send short proposals, 1-3 sentences only, by Monday, January 8. Proposals will be reviewed shortly thereafter and receive responses within two weeks. Article deadline is Friday, March 22. No article will be considered without an accepted proposal. Articles are usually ca. 1000-2000 words in length.

For our school spread, we’re looking for shorter pieces by veteran teachers reflecting back on an episode or event in your life that explains “Why I stayed in the teaching profession.” Please contact us by Monday, January 8 if you are interested in participating. Articles of approximately 500 words will be due by Friday, March 22.

Send all proposals to [email protected].