Summer Homework

Summer Homework

The articles in this issue begin with a recognition of the difference and legitimacy of summer experiences, their necessity for the personal, social and spiritual development of children. At the same time, day schools conceive of themselves as model worlds that students are meant to take with them throughout the year and throughout their lives. Authors explore creative ideas for layering the educational and spiritual goals of school with the activities and environments of summer camp and downtime. Other pieces describe ways for various day school stakeholders to use the quiet summer months to prepare for their work during the school year.

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Summer 2017
HaYidion Summer Homework Summer 2017

Articles From This Issue

  • Forget the “Summer Slide”
    Jason Ablin
  • On My Nightstand: Books Prizmah Staff Are Reading
    Helen London, Odelia Epstein, Yoni Yares, Robin Feldman
  • Innovation Alley: Nature’s “Makerspace”: What’s the big idea?
    Dr. Jon Mitzmacher
  • Spotlight on... Head Searches
  • Hands-on, Hearts-on Jewish Learning: The Gift of Camp for Jewish Day Schools
    Kate O'Brien
  • Commentary: Is There Value in Homework?
  • What Is Summer For? Reflections on the Relationship between Day School and Camp
    Wendy Grinberg
  • The Advice Booth: Cultivating Volunteers: The ABCs
    Ilisa Cappell
  • Thinking about College Through a Jewish Lens
    Sherri Geller
  • From the Board: Watching the Flower Blossom
    Paul Bernstein, moderator; Michael Bohnen, Jodi Hessel, Nathan J. Lindenbaum, Joseph Steiner and Dara Yanowitz
  • Development Professionals: Maximize Your Summer
    Nanette Fridman and Jennifer Weinstock
  • From the CEO: The Growth of A Year
    Paul Bernstein
  • Books Build School Ties for Parents and Teachers
    Hadar Dohn
  • In the Issue: Summer Homework
    Elliott Rabin, Editor
  • Now that School Is Over, Let’s Start Learning!
    Melanie Eisen, Shira Heller and Shira Loewenstein
  • Reading Torah at Camp and at Home
    Eliana Mitzmacher
  • From Inspiration to Implementation: Team Professional Development
    Michelle Andron, Esther Markel and Levi Solomon
  • A Perfect Summer Shabbat
    Lael Sanders
  • Summer Assignments: One Size Does Not Fit All
    Yael Krieger
  • Experiencing Learning
    Zack Fox
  • Assignments that Count: Goals and Assessment of Summer Work
    Rabbi Maury Grebenau
  • My Note at the Kotel
    Nicole Diner
  • Authentic Summer Homework: Asking the Right Questions
    Rabbi Craig Lubner
  • Making Connections Across the World
    Jonah Heinrich
  • Building Scholarly Habits Through Summer Experiences
    Alison Landa
  • Confronting Our Past, Singing for Our Future
    Batya Bosin
  • Summer Reading: Moving Past Carrots, Sticks and Lollipops
    Rabbi Dr. Joshua Wise