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Professional Leadership, Vision/ Direction Setting
Originally posted on PEJE's Knowledge Center by Joshua D. Margolis, June 2014. What can contemporary research on leadership say...
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Experiential Education, Community Building Inside & Out
It is difficult to imagine that the school shooting that took place in 1999 at Columbine High...
Impact of Day School, Vision/ Direction Setting, Social Emotional
Originally posted on PEJE's Knowledge Center by Erica Brown, November 2013. The following is the first piece in PEJE’s...
Experiential Education, Impact of Day School, Community Building Inside & Out
Bridging Jewish generations can be a transformative experience for both young and old, yet a lack...
Experiential Education, Social Emotional, Community Building Inside & Out
Effective, strong, compassionate leadership requires understanding the importance of relationships...
JDS Research, Personnel Development & Empowerment, Instructional Leadership
In 2017, Prizmah commissioned a study with the support of The AVI CHAI Foundation to learn what programs, services, and...
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Community Building Inside & Out, Jewish Life & Law, Alumni Relations
A few years ago, while on a visit to Elon University in North Carolina with other college...
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