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School Policies and Procedures, Other, Finance & budget
Nonprofit investment policy sample developed by the Council of Community Services of New York State, Inc.
Finance & budget, Other
A report from Measuring Success describes efforts of the Greenhill School in Dallas to sustain its investments in educational...
Girl writing
Finance & budget, Other
When I was young, I loved playing outside on the seesaw. I’d scan the playground, searching for...
Creative Tuition Models, Finance & budget, Affordability, Fundraising & Development, Federations, Other, JDS Research
Guide to Day School Sustainability and Affordability This Greenbook written by Dan Held, published by the Jewish Funders Network...
Finance & budget, Other
Prizmah recently conducted a survey of cash endowments at Jewish day schools across the US and...
Finance & budget, Other
On the first day of Chanukah 5779, representatives of Jewish schools in the United Kingdom will...
Finance & budget, Other
Ask any day school what they need most, and most will tell you money. With more money, schools...
Finance & budget, Other
Enrollment management is an essential tool for aligning mission, enrollment priorities and student...
Board Committees, Board Roles & Responsibilities, Other
Article by Hope Goldstein of Marks Paneth that highlights what the board's responsibility is in budgeting and what questions the...
Board Learning
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