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Catalyzing Resources

Catalyzing Resources

This issue looks at ways that Jewish day schools find creative ways to increase and maximize their resources. In the first section, authors explore the partnerships that day schools forge with organizations in their community and beyond, to help raise money, foster teacher development, support students and cultivate relationships. Articles in the second section look at ways that schools work with the resources that exist within the school. We hope that the issue inspires you with fresh ideas for catalyzing resources at your school.

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In the Issue: Catalyzing Resources

by Elliott Rabin Oct 09, 2018 Prizmah

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; they’re not just lying around on the surface.”
Ken Robinson

From the CEO: Levers and Catalysts

by Paul Bernstein Oct 09, 2018 Prizmah

It is a long time since I formally studied science, and I continue to be fascinated by how terms from basic physics and chemistry are appropriated for metaphoric use in our daily life. Over the past year, we have been in discussion with many day school stakeholders to help create Prizmah’s strategic plan, which will be rolled out in the coming months. In that process, we have employed terms like “lever” and “catalyst” to articulate how to maximize Prizmah’s role.

From the Board: The Room Where It Happens

by Lisa Coll, Gail Norry, Ann Pava Oct 09, 2018

Prizmah board members Ann Pava, Gail Norry and Lisa Coll recently discussed the upcoming Prizmah Day School Investor Summit, taking place November 11-12 in Bal Harbour, Florida.

Why get excited about an investor summit?

Gail: It has been close to 20 years since major philanthropists who are passionate about day schools have had the chance to be in the same room. A lot has changed in these years, and the time has come to make a bold, serious statement about the future for Jewish day schools.

The Advice Booth: Getting on the Same Page With an Endowment Campaign

by Helen London Oct 09, 2018 Prizmah

Your board and administration are excited about their decision to launch an endowment campaign. In announcing this campaign to the faculty, the head of school discovers that teachers are less enthusiastic. In their view, any money raised for an endowment might better be spent addressing the school’s current needs, including improvements in the classrooms, educational supplies and technology, and teacher salaries. How can the head convince the teachers that an endowment is an important priority for the school?

Commentary: All in the Family?

Oct 09, 2018
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Organization as family  offers a culture that is heavily weighted towards relational orientation. It’s understandable for a Jewish organization to be drawn to the  model of family—it is squarely in our DNA—part of the larger narrative of being Jewish. However, in framing an organization as family, the script that we provide is one that champions relationships above all. Relationships are a key ingredient to any healthy culture, but in an organizational setting it must be measured and balanced  with task orientation.

On Board: Balancing the Annual Campaign and Endowment Building

Oct 09, 2018

We want to build endowment but we are struggling to fundraise to cover our annual expenses. How do we balance our long-term financial security with our short-term concerns?

Dana Maze Ehrlich

Member, Stephen Wise Temple Board of Directors, Alumni Parent Chair, Wise School Generations Endowment, Los Angeles

Research Corner: Endowments at Jewish Day Schools Have Come A Long Way

by Dan Perla Oct 09, 2018 Prizmah

Prizmah recently conducted a survey of cash endowments at Jewish day schools across the US and Canada. With 140 day schools responding, the survey indicates that total cash endowment funds exceed $500 million. Of the respondents, 96 had a cash endowment of $100,000 or more; most of the others had no endowment whatsoever. The mean (average) endowment of the 96 schools was $5.1 million, and the median (middle) was $2.2 million.

Spotlight on: Creating a Peak Moment: Middle School Moot Beit Din

by AARON FINKELSTEIN, MIDDLE SCHOOL RABBI Oct 09, 2018 Milken Community Schools, Los Angeles

In their recent book The Power of Moments, brothers Chip and Dan Heath throw down a gauntlet for educators and leaders alike. “We all have defining moments in our lives—meaningful experiences that stand out in our memory. ... Defining moments shape our lives, but we don’t have to wait for them to happen. We can be the authors of them.”

Reshet Roundup: The Force of Others

by Debra Shaffer Seeman Oct 09, 2018 Prizmah

As Shawn Achor, Harvard University happiness researcher and author of Big Potential, pointed out, “When George Lucas wrote the script to the billion dollar Star Wars franchise, the most iconic line in movie history—‘May the Force be with you’—was not in it.

On My Nightstand

Oct 09, 2018

Love Warrior

by Glennon Doyle

This is one of those books that, if it resonates with you, will leave its mark. On the surface it is about love and marriage and kids—things most of us can relate to; there are plenty of laughs and all-too-familiar tear-jerking moments along the story’s beautiful rollercoaster.