Salary Data Bank

At Prizmah, we believe in the power of data-informed decision-making.

Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools is dedicated to creating a strategic and systematic approach to research, data collection and knowledge sharing. We work to collect learning and insights from the field of Jewish day schools and yeshivas in order to inform, inspire and empower each individual and community.


Our Knowledge Center collects and houses data, research and resources for and about Jewish day schools and yeshivas. To support field leaders, we conduct original research, gather and share data, report on Jewish day school trends, and partner with organizations to further important research in Jewish day school education.


This salary bank is a compilation of salary data from multiple sources on various positions in Jewish day schools and yeshivas. Many of the reports below are sourced from DASL- Data and Analysis for School Leadership. Through a partnership with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), we created a Jewish day school and yeshiva benchmarking cohort within DASL, NAIS’ data collection and benchmarking tool.  DASL is an online data collection tool designed for school leaders to find actionable on key school operational metrics such including admission, enrollment, salaries, development, financial operations and more. The tool gives individual school professionals the ability to create peer comparison groups and custom benchmarking reports on topics of interest.

Salary Reports