Wish you had data on Jewish day school
financial metrics and enrollment?

Prizmah is partnering with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to offer Prizmah Network schools the opportunity to participate in Data and Analysis for School Leaders (DASL), NAIS’s online data collection and analysis tool for independent schools. DASL allows schools to find actionable data related to all aspects of their school operations, including tuition, financial aid, admission, enrollment, salaries, and more. The tool allows for annual data collection, longitudinal reporting and easy-to-configure customized benchmarking reports to compare your school’s figures to national or regional trends and to a customized comparison group of schools that you choose.

If you work in a Prizmah Network school, you will be able to compare your school's financial and enrollment metrics to other Jewish day schools, which can help you set goals, assess your progress, and make data-driven decisions.

If your school already uses DASL and you’re in a Prizmah Network school, you will be able to benchmark your school against your independent school network and the Prizmah Network. When you log in to DASL, please check that Prizmah is listed as one of your affiliated associations.

For additional information check out this webinar with Joy BodyComb, Director of Data Strategy and Operations, DASL at the National Association of Indepedent Schools.

This is being offered complimentary as part of your Prizmah Network affiliation.

Time frame
Data entry: June 2020 – October 2020
Reporting available: Mid-November 2020

I’m interested. What should I do?

E-mail Odelia Epstein, Director of the Knowledge Center at OdeliaE@prizmah.org, express interest and we can make sure your school is on track to be a part of this project.

Heads of school and business officers can begin now by logging into DASL. Click create a user account, if you've never signed in before. You will be able to give others in your school access to complete portions of the tool.