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As you prepare to speak with your faculty, students, and community about today’s realities, Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools offers you the following curated resources to support student mental health and wellbeing. This page contains resource on antisemitism, body image, suicide, loss, school safety, experiential education, resilience, brain breaks and more. 

Antisemitism and Mental Health (Post Oct 7)

Body Positivity, Food Issues, Dress Code

Brain Breaks

Renowned teacher leader Jenny Horowitz shared newly developed resources on Brain Breaks, which are small moments of activity enhance the body’s physical ability to cope with emotions and be present for learning and growth. They are especially great for moments of difficulty and pain.


Coping with Loss and Trauma

Experiential Education and Mental Health

  • Video detailing important notes of experiential learning and why to do it
  • While the effect size of certain samples found in this study were overall non-significant, this 2021 study shows how experiential learning programs were more effective than non-experiential learning programmes in improving empathy and subjective well-being.
  • Video explaining the basic science behind experiential learning

Loss in the Community ( Student, Parent, Teacher)

Mental Health in Schools In General


School Safety

School Programs to Emulate


The Power of Resilience and How We Tell the Story of our Pain