Yom HaZikaron & Yom HaAtzmaut

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Yom HaShoah | Yom HaShoah is observed this year on May 5th and May 6th, 2024. 


Yom HaZikaron| This year Yom HaZikaron takes place on May 12th and May 13, 2024. 

  • Israel’s Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the World Zionist Organization, and the Ruderman Family Foundation have launched together a new initiative – “Remembering Together – זוכרים ביחד” – calling on world Jewry to unite in commemoration of the fallen IDF soldiers and victims of terrorism worldwide. These partners have created a website that provides vast content, texts, prayers, photos, videos, and relevant information about the Memorial Day, including stories of the victims, a hybrid ceremony that was recorded in advance and can be used, and more.
  • The WZO and Israeli Ministry of Defense are promoting memorial ceremonies in Jewish communities worldwide. In this framework, content, prayers, reading material, personal stories and songs will be collected and distributed through one link, to allow the ceremonies to be held according to the needs and choices of each community.
  • The Heroes of October 7th,a  22 minuted yom HaZikaron video from unpacked.  
  • Songs of Hope with educational guide developed by Beit Avi Chai
  • Lesson plans, resources, videos and songs from the Lookstein Center
  • Yom Hazikaron & Yom Haa'tzmaut resources from the ICenter. 
  • Yom HaZikaron resources and articles from the OU. 
  • Rabbi Sacks thoughts on Yom HaZikaron

Yom Haatzma’ut | This year Yom Haatzma'ut is celebrated on May 13th and May 14, 2024.