Teen Mental Health Club Playbook

Olivia Friedman and Marc Fein
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Prizmah is excited to offer the Prizmah Teen Mental Health Club Playbook, a resource that will walk you through the process of starting your own student-led mental health awareness club at your Jewish day school. These student-led mental health clubs offer critical support to other students grappling with mental health conditions. They help to reduce stigma, empower their teen leadership and provide accurate information to the student body about mental health. Our playbook takes you through the process of starting your club, highlights models of success, shares useful resources and provides a checklist that will clarify exact steps for implementation.

For questions or comments follow up with Marc Fein, mental health advocate, at [email protected], and Olivia Friedman, facilitator of the Ida Crown mental health club, at [email protected].

This initiative is dedicated in memory of Batsheva Stadlan z"l.