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Race and School Culture

A Collaborative Deep Dive

At Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day School, we believe that schools have the unique opportunity to create cultures of belonging. Many of our communities are representative of the broader Jewish population. All are driven to support the needs of a range of learners. To that end, Prizmah’s work on Race and School Culture invests deeply in a relational engagement learning model.

Relationships are at the heart of our network and the foundational building block of school culture. Building trust and connection, while understanding the people sitting together with you -and being aware of who is missing from the room -are key components of this work. We encourage school leaders to invest in those relationships so that they can look carefully at their school’s philosophy, people, practices, programs, and policies when advancing this work.

Through small group collaboratives, individual school consultations, field-wide sessions, shared resources, thoughtful conversations, and deep intentionality, Prizmah is committed to increasing our field’s capacity in growing cultures of belonging.

This Race and School Culture HUB will provide you with access to some of Prizmah’s work in this area. Reach out to Debra Shaffer Seeman [email protected] to get involved.