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Measuring the Success of a School's

Measuring the Success of a School's "Jewish Mission"

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From the desk of Bathea James, RAVSAK President

by Bathea James Oct 08, 2005

Dear Chevre,

I hope you have all started your new school year in a spirit of excitement and that this year will be full of learning, fun and exploration. I know that your weeks of planning, preparation and anticipation will be well worth it. As the well known saying goes "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

Dear Friends of RAVSAK

by Dr. Jack Sparks Oct 08, 2005

Imagine NOT being asked to donate to a worthy organization? This request is not for your money but for recommendations and names. RAVSAK is growing, not just internationally, (with our first school abroad) but also in terms of the record number of schools, professionals, lay leaders and students we serve. When we opened our national office five years ago, we had fewer than 50 dues-paying member schools and nearly 10,000 children.

Notes From The Executive Director

by Dr. Marc N. Kramer Oct 08, 2005

This season I enter into my fifth year as Executive Director of RAVSAK.