Dear Friends of RAVSAK

Imagine NOT being asked to donate to a worthy organization? This request is not for your money but for recommendations and names. RAVSAK is growing, not just internationally, (with our first school abroad) but also in terms of the record number of schools, professionals, lay leaders and students we serve. When we opened our national office five years ago, we had fewer than 50 dues-paying member schools and nearly 10,000 children. Today, there are approximately 30,000 students in RAVSAK’s 100 member schools, and while we continue to provide excellent service, we are doing so from an infrastructure designed to support a network one-third the size. In order to insure the financial viability of RAVSAK, our agency needs financial stability to support requisite growth. Growing pains come as a mixed-blessing: there is so much to do and so much more that could be done with the right resources in place.

The Executive Committee hopes to establish a National Board of philanthropic donors to assist in the task of raising funds for RAVSAK’s increased services and programs. This National Board, ideally, will be comprised of lay-leaders, women and men across the nation, for whom day-school education is a priority and for whom participation on RAVSAK’s National Board is the next step in their philanthropic journey. These lay-leaders may be former parents who no longer are involved in your school but are “ripe” to move to another Jewish education involvement; they might be current parents or community folks whom you deem are ready for this type of national involvement. We need your help to identify the individuals who can and will make a major difference in the future of Jewish community day school education world-wide.

Please consider this request seriously and email or phone Marc Kramer with your suggestions. Our hope is to begin recruiting the National Board after the New Year.

Wishing you wonderful success this school year,


Dr. Jack L. Sparks

VP for Development

Dr. Jack Sparks is the V.P. for Development of RAVSAK and Head of School at the Albert Einstein Academy in Wilmington, DE. He can be reached at:
Dr. Jack Sparks
Measuring the Success of a School's "Jewish Mission"
Published: Fall 2005