Winter 2009


About This Issue
HaYidion Pluralism Winter 2009

Pluralism is central to the mission and self-understanding of many community day schools. The questions of what that term means, and how it is implemented in the policies and educational practices of the school, are difficult to answer and require reflection and discussion among all stakeholders. Explore larger perspectives on, and disagreements over, pluralism and ways to approach Jewish study with pluralistic methodology.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Threefold Pluralism: Response by Nora Anderson
    Nora Anderson
  • Process Over Product: Spiritual Lessons in the Tensions of Halakhic Debate
    Shawn Fields-Mayer
  • Threefold Pluralism: Response by Stuart Zweiter
    Stuart Zweiter
  • Pluralism in the Teaching of Tanakh
    Susan Tanchel
  • It Can’t Be About Pluralism
    Devora Steinmetz
  • How to Produce Pluralistic Jewish Educators: One University’s Program
    RAVSAK Staff
  • Tolerance: For a Minimalist Definition of Pluralism
    Adam B. Seligman
  • Training Teachers for Pluralistic Day Schools
    Zvi Hirschfield and Susan Wall
  • Pluralism: The Demographic Reality
    Barry Kosmin
  • The Art of Pluralist Jewish Education
    Brad Hirschfield
  • Rival Versions of Pluralistic Jewish Education
    Jennifer Glaser
  • Israeli Shlichim in Pluralistic Schools: Challenges, Solutions, and a Proposal for Change
    Micha Balf
  • Toward a Pluralistic Form of Peoplehood
    Shlomi Ravid
  • Can Pluralistic Schools Accommodate Everyone?
    Michal Muszkat-Barkan
  • Taking a Lap for the Jews: Pluralism at a Community Jewish High School
    Bruce Powell
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Four Years Later: The Influence of Pluralism on High School Students
    Susan Shevitz
  • From the Desk of Susan Weintrob, RAVSAK President
    Susan Weintrob
  • Pluralism Redefined: Transitioning from One Model of Pluralism to Another
    Lillian Howard
  • Threefold Pluralism: A Strategy for Building “Hybrid” School Community
    Michael A. Kay
  • Honoring Heritage, Celebrating Difference: Teaching Pluralistically in a Reform Jewish Day School
    Micah Lapidus
  • Threefold Pluralism: Response by Ilisa Cappell
    Ilisa Cappell
  • Pluralistic Day School Collaboration: Lessons Learned
    Kim S. Hirsh
  • Threefold Pluralism: Response by Simon Klarfeld
    Simon Klarfeld
  • Fundraising in a Pluralistic Setting: Helpful or Hindrance?
    Marc N. Kramer
  • Threefold Pluralism: Response by Jim Rogozen
    Rabbi Jim Rogozen
  • Jewish Education in the Postmodern Era
    David Bigman