Prizmah represents a collaboration of colleagues from five legacy organizations, so collaboration is a natural theme for this first Prizmah issue of HaYidion. Articles demonstrate an eagerness to embrace new educational paradigms, to rethink the foundations of day school education, to dream big and do the patient work to follow through. The writers here evince several principles in action: a willingness to take risks; acknowledging and defying challenges; thinking holistically/globally; and connecting or smashing silos.

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Fall 2016
HaYidion Collaboration Fall 2016

Articles From This Issue

  • The Final Frontier: Designing Space for Teacher Collaboration
    Bruce Powell
  • Innovation Alley: (R&D) + (T&L) = Innovation
    Jon Mitzmacher, VP of Innovation
  • Changing Mindsets: Can Building the Admissions Funnel Be An Opportunity for Community Partnership?
    Rachel Kalikow
  • Prizmah: Where We Are and How We Got Here
    Heather Gowdy
  • A Case Study in School and Synagogue Community Building
    Erica Rothblum and Yechiel Hoffman
  • From the Board: My Story, Our Vision
    Kathy E. Manning, Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Facing the Challenges of Collaborative Leadership
    Marc Lindner
  • From the CEO: Building the Field of Jewish Day Schools Together
    Paul Bernstein, CEO
  • STEM Lab Fosters Collaborative Student Projects
    Hanna Shekhter, Director of STEM Innovation and Education
  • Collaborating Towards a Better Staff Culture
    Maury Grebenau
  • In the Issue: Collaboration
    Elliott Rabin, editor
  • KinderSTEAM: A Day School – University Collaboration
    Adam Tilove, Head of School
  • Board-Head Collaboration: When Best Practices Aren’t
    Larry Gill
  • All-School Read
    Elaine Kaplan, Assistant Principal
  • The Transformative Value of Fieldwide Teacher Collaboration
    Deborah Fishman
  • Camp-at-School Day
    Rabbi Moshe Schwartz, Head of School, Krieger Schechter Day School; Janna Zuckerman, Senior Planning Associate, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
  • CASJE: Collaborative Research for Advancing the JDS Field
    Paul D. Goren and Mitchel Malkus
  • Cross-Grade Student Collaboration in Service Learning
    Hadas Rave, Director of Jewish Life; Tori Morton, General Studies Teacher, Lerner School, Durham, NC
  • The Quest for Teaching Excellence Through Communitywide Collaboration
    Shira Hammerman
  • Muslim-Jewish Middle School Encounters: A Beginning
    Rebecca Berger
  • Partnerships for a Robust Jewish Identity
    Lee Buckman
  • Partnership2Gether: Bridging the Gap between America and Israel
    Jon Ben-Asher, Head of School
  • Achieving Citywide Strength in Jewish Day School Education
    Lesley Said Matsa
  • Shifting Paradigms for Student Collaboration
    Yehuda Chanales, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Collective Impact: What It Takes to Make Large-Scale Progress
    John Kania and Mark Kramer
  • Ingredients for Authentic Collaboration
    Susan Wall and Aviva Golbert
  • The Advice Booth: How Much to Charge
    Dan Perla, Director, Financial Vitality
  • Teacher Collaboration to Improve Value Proposition
    Eliot Feldman
  • Commentary
  • Beyond Parallel Play: Systemic Collaboration Across Disciplines
    Laurie Hahn Tapper and Zvi Weiss
  • On My Nightstand: Books Prizmah Staff Are Reading
  • Dialogue Across Difference: The power of collaboration when colleagues disagree
    Lauren Applebaum and Sivan Zakai
  • Spotlight on… Reshet Prizmah
    Debra Shaffer Seeman, Debra Abolafia, Sam Chestnut, Beth Cohen, Tracie Glazer, Allison Oakes, Melanie Waynik and Lynn Raviv