Winter 2015


About This Issue
HaYidion Athletics Winter 2015

This issue presents a wealth of guidance and examples for day schools to stay on top of their game. Articles discuss how schools ensure that athletics stay informed by a school's mission, by embodying Jewish values and embracing inclusivity; how they can use sports as a vehicle for teaching about and fostering love for Israel; how a wide range of sports can bring out the best in students and faculty; and how schools can more broadly employ movement and teach healthy living.

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Articles From This Issue

  • More Than Just a Game
    Aharoni Carmel
  • How Competition on the Field Led to Understanding Around the Table
    Harry Pell
  • "In the League Together": Religious and Secular Children, Soccer and a Meeting of Identities
    Yochai Sharon
  • Building Peace Through Pyramids: Partnering with Ferguson to Create Circus Show
    Cheryl Maayan
  • Israel Education Playbook
    David Lasday
  • Having Faith in Sports
    Miriam Heller Stern
  • Including Sports in the Israel Trip
    Josh Halickman
  • Aly Raisman
  • From the Editor: Jewish Schools and Sports: Win-Win
    Barbara Davis, Executive Editor
  • Leading a School-Based Sports Program: Mission and Coaches
    David Jacobson
  • Art Shamsky
  • What Did You DO Today?
    Shira Loewenstein, Shira Heller, Melanie Eisen
  • Creating an LGBT Inclusive School Athletic Program: From Intention to Action
    Pat Griffin, Idit Klein
  • Estee Ackerman
  • Sports Medicine And Athletic Training: Living Our Values, Expanding Our Mission
    Mike Riley, Jessica Matula, Aileen Goldstein
  • Physical Activity for Students with Special Needs
    Jake Weiner
  • Danny Schayes
  • Hitting the Target for Developing Healthy Attitudes
    Naomi Lev and Juli Kramer
  • Creating an Athletics Handbook that Reflects School Values
    Corrie Mizusawa
  • Yuri Foreman
  • Meeting the Health and Fitness Needs of Day School Students
    Phil Papier
  • Sports Le-Shem Shamayim: The Sacred Mission of High School Athletics
    Marc Baker, Pam Roecker
  • Tamar Katz
  • From Fans to Fanatics
    Interview with Justine Gubar, ESPN Producer and Author of Fanaticus: Mischief and Madness in the Modern Sports Fan
  • More Than a Game: JCC Maccabi and Athletic Endeavor
    Jonathan Fass
    David Ackerman
  • Tamir Goodman
  • Why Football? Why Not?
    Bruce Powell
  • Dear Cooki: How Am I Doing?
    Cooki Levy
  • Interview with Emma Farber, Equestrian
  • Field of Dreams
    Ezra Levy, Ilana Lipson-Cohen
  • From the Board: The Day School Home Field Advantage
    N. Shira Brown
  • Sports Creates Community
    Linda K. Schaffzin
  • Golf: A Jewish High School's Journey in Discovering a Sport for a Lifetime
    Cindy Dolgin, Kerry Dalton
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimately Fun, Ultimately Jewish
    Judd Kruger Levingston
    Benjamin Joffe
  • Community-Building Exercise
    Zachary Coffin
  • A League Not of One's Own: Competing With Public Schools
    Rob Cohen, Janet Herman, Josh Breitman
  • Student Leadership in School Athletics
    Micah Grubert Van Iderstine
  • Color War Isn't Just for Campers
    Ayelet Margolin Lehtman
  • Learning Perseverance Through Perspiration
    Azaryah Cohen