Seeding Alumni Engagement: Jewish Future Pledge

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Amy Adler
Alumni Professionals, Development Professionals, Heads of School
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Audience: Development Professionals, Heads of School, Alumni Engagement Professionals

Program Summary

Connecting with alumni, whether recent or decades old, is both important in maintaining your school’s fundraising efforts, and building your school’s culture and community. Are you prepared to enhance your fundraising approach and connect with a game-changing global initiative like The Jewish Future Pledge? This dynamic webinar for fundraising and alumni engagement professionals will provide a community partner to help you innovate who seek inventive methods to inspire and captivate.

What is the program? 

This webinar will focus on seeding alumni engagement in your school through partnership with The Jewish Future Pledge. The Jewish Youth Pledge, founded by philanthropist Mike Leven, asks Jewish teens and young adults from around the world to commit to being active, contributing members of the Jewish community.  Learn how this partnership could be a great opportunity for your school to connect with and enhance your alumni engagement.

Why Participate? 

For schools looking for new ways to engage alumni, creating partnerships and expanding reach is always important. Connecting your school’s alumni base is a way to capture inspiration from a peak immersive Jewish experience or powerful program—and stay in touch with participants as they move forward in their adult lives. 

What to expect? 

Gain insights from the Jewish Future Pledge team regarding the initiative itself, and the benefits and connections this partnership can bring to your school and build your school’s alumni outreach. Additionally, during this webinar, hear from schools who have already leaned into this partnership, along with their experienced staff who will share their experiences of seamlessly incorporating the Jewish Future Pledge into their methods of engaging with both students and alumni.

Highlights of the Webinar

Empowering Connections: Discover how the Pledge acts as a bridge, fostering enduring connections with participants as they transition into adulthood.

Harnessing Inspiration: Learn the art of presenting the Pledge to students/participants, tapping into the essence of transformative Jewish experiences to cultivate lasting inspiration.

Insider Insights: Gain profound insights from the Jewish Future Pledge Team, deepening your grasp of the initiative's intricacies and its dual advantages—strengthening organizations while empowering pledge-takers.

Real-world Engagement: Engage with representatives from three educational institutions that seamlessly integrated the Jewish Future Pledge into their engagement strategies for students and alumni.

Unlocking New Dimensions in Fundraising Expertise: Prepare to expand your fundraising prowess. In this class, you will acquire the tools to seamlessly weave the Jewish Youth Pledge into your strategic approach. Elevate engagement strategies, make a lasting impact on your organization's trajectory, and embark on a transformative journey in fundraising innovation.


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The Global Jewish Youth Pledge stands as a remarkable worldwide endeavor and ranks among the most extensive undertakings ever undertaken within the Jewish community. Established under the guidance of philanthropist Mike Leven, this initiative calls upon Jewish adolescents and young adults across the globe to dedicate themselves to becoming dynamic and valuable participants in the Jewish collective.

Senior Director, Catalyzing Resources

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