what it is

YOU Lead is an nine-month leadership development program for school professionals at all levels of educational leadership. YOU Lead combines online and in-person learning, convening, and cohort activities to lead participants through a broad survey of the topics that are most important to successful leadership in Jewish day schools.

how does it work

The YOU Lead curriculum is designed to provide highly personalized support that promotes professional growth and addresses leaders' most pressing priorities.

Each participant is matched with a cohort or people who are in similar roles in their schools as well as at similar points in their careers in education. 

Each week, YOU Leaders participate in online learning modules and have the chance to interact with a variety of leading experts in Jewish education. These modules are designed to meet the specific needs of each cohort, and the curriculum is “spiraled” so that participants at different levels of leadership can approach the same general topic with increasing levels of sophistication.

Twice a month, participants have confidential coaching calls with their mentors to work through their most pressing leadership challenges and questions.

Twice a year, YOU Leaders gather in person to focus on the practical issues that arise throughout the school year and learn from some of the biggest thought leaders in leadership and education.

Because this is a survey course, new topics and facilitators are introduced every 1 - 3 weeks. The curriculum was developed with reference to our research into school leadership and will help you learn about and master the capacities and dispositions that are most important in Jewish day school leadership.

who it is for

YOU Lead is designed for leaders in any Jewish day school at any stage of their careers (not including current heads of school). By offering separate cohorts for senior, mid-level, and entry-level leaders, YOU Lead ensures that participants connect with other leaders who are confronting similar challenges. Acceptance into this program is competitive; typically, the program enrolls 30 participants a year.

why we offer it

Effective leadership isn’t inherent; it is developed. Becoming an exemplary leader takes years of...

...experience building on successes
...experience learning from mistakes
...experience practicing self-reflection
...and experience being part of a trusting community with insightful colleagues and mentors.
YOU Lead offers leaders these kinds of experiences through a comprehensive curriculum designed to augment individual leadership strengths and help actualize professional aspirations.


The YOU Lead program is generously funded with a grant from The AVI CHAI Foundation. The total, unsubsidized cost is over $8,000. The cost to each participant is $4,000 plus travel and lodging for two conferences. The two conferences will be held in Newark, New Jersey on September 22-23, 2019 and March 15-16, 2020.

how to get started

Click here to apply!

Questions? Contact Maccabee Avishur, Senior Director, Leadership Development, for more information.

“I have gained incredible resources and materials for areas in which I knew I needed help, i.e., curriculum and student support. I gained a great group of colleagues and friends, whom I feel very comfortable reaching out to. I gained mentors from Prizmah head staff and my cohort leaders. Lastly, I became linked with professionals who have similar goals and mindsets as myself.”