Leadership Dispositions

Leadership Dispositions

Articles in this issue go beyond the skills and knowledge that a school leader requires, to explore the "dispositions," character traits, essential for this role. Half of the contributors currently occupy day school leadership roles; they reflect on the importance of a particular quality to their leadership style and experience. The other half are written by people engaged in training leaders, of Jewish education and beyond. Collectively, the pieces in the issue reflect part of the spectrum of personal qualities that inform the work of successful day school leadership.

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Winter 2018
HaYidion Leadership Dispositions Winter 2018

Articles From This Issue

  • Empathy
    Rabbi Adam Englander
  • On Board: The Key Relationship
  • Strength in Vulnerability: Leaders Who Dare to Look Inside
    Gali Cooks
  • Spotlight on: Atidenu
    Tammy Kalvari, Cathy Lowenstein, Jennifer Schecter
  • Humility
    Dr. Paul S. Oberman
  • Commentary: Leading Through Change
  • Leading by Relationship
    Rabbi Jonathan Berger, Associate Head of School for Judaic Studies and Program, Gross Schechter Day School, Pepper Pike, Ohio
  • Board Leadership: Dispositions for Success
    Susan Decker
  • The Advice Booth: Opportunities for Growth--Cohort or Coach?
    Shelly Sadon
  • Service to Multiple Communities
    Patrick von Hahn, Principal
  • Strategic Thinking
    Steve Levy
  • From the Board: Working Together to Bring Jewish Day Schools to the Top
    Joel Segal
  • Innovation Nation: Building Student Leadership Through Models of Israeli Innovators
    Sue Shachar and Lidia Turner, teachers, Jewish Studies and Israel Education Departments
  • The Power of Conversation
    Rabbi Avi Bossewitch
  • From the CEO: Strengthening the Ecology of Day School Leadership
    Paul Bernstein
  • Interschool Student Team Leadership in Hebrew
    Meirav Kravetz, Middle and High School Coordinator for Hebrew and Foreign Languages
  • Leading Successfully in Education: Less Talk, More Conversation
    Chris Douglas
  • In the Issue: Leadership Dispositions
    Elliott Rabin
  • The Student Ambassador Program: Building a School through Student Leadership
    Rise Arkin, Director of Admissions
  • Ambition
    Andrea Kasper
  • Recreating Student Council
    Joanne Davi, Dean of Student Life and 5th and 8th Grade Humanities Teacher
  • Cultivate Your Range
    Maya Bernstein and Sarah Mali
  • Leadership Fast and Slow
    Jon A. Levisohn
  • Creativity
    Dr. Eliezer Jones
  • Lifelong Learning
    Rivy Poupko Kletenik
  • Leadership Presence: The Look of Leadership
    Dr. Erica Brown
  • Strengthening Jewish Leadership Dispositions
    Jonathan Cannon
  • Trust
    Rabbi Avery Joel
  • Calling and Commitment to the Jewish People
    Rabbi Micah Lapidus
  • Prizmah’s Leadership Academy Addresses the Needs of the Day School Field
    Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and Ilisa Cappell
  • Unpacking Dispositions in Teacher Leadership
    Sharon Feiman-Nemser with Shira Loewenstein
  • Leading with Head, Heart, Hand and Soul
    Alex Pomson and Frayda Gonshor Cohen
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Marnie Stein
  • On My Nightstand
  • Come Together: Inspired Leadership Through Inspiring Leadership
    Mark S. Young
  • Reshet Roundup: Fostering Innovation Throughout the Field
    Andrea Hernandez