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Size Matters

Size Matters

In the Jewish day school ecosystem, schools can range from a few dozen students to more than a thousand. How does school size impact education, school governance and administration? Articles in this issue address a range of challenges and successes found in small day schools, while looking at the issues large schools face as well.

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Making the Most of Technology in Small Schools

by Russel Neiss Jun 09, 2014
RELATED TOPICS: TechnologySmall Schools

The author argues that for all that they may lack in funding for technology, small schools may have an advantage in getting it right: introducing technology where and when it supports strong education.

Creating an Organizational Ecosystem

by Andrew Davids and Ethan Tucker Jun 09, 2014
RELATED TOPICS: LeadershipSmall Schools

Leaders of an ambitious partnership in Jewish studies between a day school and a yeshiva seek to draw lessons from the collaboration while simultaneously expanding the project’s impact to other schools.

18: The Chai Year Transitioning from Growth to Sustainability

by Tal Lewin-Wittle and Rachel Sobel Bearman Jun 09, 2014

How do small schools transition from the intimacy and excitement of the early years to becoming financially sustainable? The authors offer a host of initiatives that they are implementing to try to strengthen their school’s economic footing.

Financial Challenges and Opportunities for Jewish Day Schools in Small Communities

by Daniel Perla Jun 09, 2014
RELATED TOPICS: FinancesSmall Schools

Small schools often find themselves in an economic bind, having much less revenue and comparable expenses compared to larger schools. Here is a diagnosis and some suggested remedies.

Small School Bigger Job

by Elaine Cohen Jun 09, 2014
RELATED TOPICS: Small SchoolsLeadership

Cohen describes the long list of expectations that small-school heads often confront, and the inner resources they need for their role. Her advice is geared especially for boards to help their heads succeed in this daunting work.