Sephardic Jewry Education

By: Odelia Epstein
KC Topics: 
General Studies, Judaics/ Kodesh

The Institute of Jewish Experience (IJE) is an online educational initiative to revitalize the Jewish intellectual and cultural legacy, of the Sephardic and eastern Jewish traditions. Restoring the rich mosaic of Jewish history is essential to the Jewish future and to understanding and continuing to contribute to today’s cosmopolitan world. We are bringing this knowledge to new audiences and generations through semester-long online courses (MOOCs), lectures, scholarly and cultural conferences, exhibitions, curricular supplements, and interactive tours. The IJE is a centralized resource for those interested in learning about the customs, traditions, history, and experiences of Jews from across the world.

Videos available on

  • Yemenite Jews in Biblical Texts
  • Study Like a Yemenite
  • The Rambam
  • Sigd – an Ethiopian Festival
  • Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi (RIF)
  • Mimouna – a Moroccan Celebration
  • Persia and the Story of Purim
  • Italian Jews and the Story of Hanukkah