Leadership can be rewarding and invigorating, complex and challenging, and sometimes lonely. Our day school leaders who have had the benefit of individualized coaching can attest to the transformative effect that it has had on their careers. With the weight of the school on their shoulders, our coaches give leaders a lifeline of support where they can access knowledge, connect with the resources they need, work through key decisions, reflect on challenges and successes, and, most importantly, feel understood in an objective and non-judgmental space.

"At the beginning [coaching] helped me navigate the many challenges of a new headship and basically stay above water. The work [with my coach] was focused on helping me develop my "sea legs" and bring out my leadership voice and style. As my experience grew, coaching helped me identify higher level areas for personal growth in my leadership which enabled me to take my school to greater heights and navigate new challenges." 

"On a personal level, coaching has helped me learn how to survive in this very difficult communal position and take care of myself so that I would be able to meet the challenges that I faced. On a professional level it has helped me be a much more effective leader in every sense and my school has been the beneficiary of this."

Coaching has become the preferred method for supporting our day school leaders.

The Prizmah Coaching Institute brings the benefits of coaching to you and your school leader in three unique ways:

Like many things in life, a successful coaching relationship begins with the right chemistry between a leader and their coach. The Coaching Institute benefits from a diverse team of coaches. We strive to ensure that the coach you’re matched with is positioned to best help you achieve your goals by factoring in experience, personality, desired outcomes, and more.

The agenda for each of your coaching sessions is driven by you. Your coach does not have a set agenda or curriculum to follow. Our coaches understand that no two schools or roles are alike and will use their experiences and expertise to help you succeed as a leader. Prizmah coaches have walked in your shoes; they’re all current or former Jewish day school leaders themselves. Our coaches provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of what creates successful schools. Grounded in a deep belief in the capacity and wisdom of individual leaders, our coaches ask powerful questions and emphasize self-reflection to support your growth. They further maximize their value with on-going training in the art and science of coaching and peer feedback and they are well versed in what it means to leverage their knowledge and experience to help leaders grow and reach their goals.

Prizmah’s network of experts provides added opportunities for leaders to supplement their coaching with subject-specific tutorials in areas such as development, admissions, financial management, or communications. Joining in the Coaching Institute will automatically grant exclusive access to the Prizmah Knowledge Center and other exclusive resources.


"I couldn't possibly overstate it. Coaching is better than therapy. It has changed the way I move in the world - professionally and personally."

"In general, the right coach can help you think outside of yourself, consider other points of view, consider practices that may not be natural to you, and help you build better relationships. A coach helps you make better decisions and enjoy your job more. For a lonely job like a Head of School or day school principal, coaching can make all the difference."

No two client/coach relationships are alike.  We offer a range of coaching options, from bi-weekly school year (10 month) coaching to weekly year round (12 month) coaching and more. Most of our coaches and clients meet over the phone or on a video call. On site coaching visits may be an option as well. Prizmah is committed to ensuring school leaders are equipped to succeed and will work with your budget.

Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely! Invest in a coach who will help you be the best leader you can. Do it for you. Do it for your school. Do it for your learners. Contact Ilisa Cappell at ilisac@prizmah.org to learn more.