Principal Salary Data & Research, 2007

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2007 AVI CHAI report on Jewish day school principal salaries. 

A Survey of Day School Principals in the United States by Marvin Schick includes stats on percentage breakdown male/female principals, tables on salary and gender broken down by years of service and years in current school.

“In their first year of service at their current school, no men earned below $60,000, while 10% of the women did. At the other end of the pay scale, there were men who earned above $180,000 in their first year, but no women. Ten percent of first-year women are in the three highest salary categories of $120,000 or above. The comparable statistic for men is nearly 40%. For principals who have served between 5-10 years at their present school, one-quarter of the women were paid above $120,000, while for men the figure is close to 60%.” more…

Resources on gender equity in Jewish Education can be found here