The Role of the Head of School

Heads of School in small schools wear so many hats. Discussion ensued about how to make the most of the relationships you have and how to balance the many responsibilities both in school and in your own lives.

Work/Life Balance

  • Buy a treadmill for the faculty lounge and encourage its use
  • As a head of school do walk and talk meetings
  • Take a ½ day off on a regular basis
  • Leave school to go to minyan
  • Learn to say no and embrace it and have everyone understand why


  • Use inexpensive software to help with marketing; such as CANVA 
  • Make shutterfly books for donors highlighting the areas of the school they hold dear
  • Use your admin team to help write thank you notes; keep a running list of all of your interactions each week and then thank each of those people
  • If you write them all have lists of address labels ready for your use
  • Can we all answer the question “What is your Public Purpose?”

Supervision of Faculty/Student Care

  • Give all staff a wellness day sometime from Jan.-Pesach break. It is an extra personal day.
  • Friday coffee cart.
  • A day with no office hours so you can be only in the classrooms.
  • Kol HaKavod cards for students.
  • An email address for teachers to share student concerns.
  • Make time for your staff; twenty minutes once a month with each one.

Board Relationships

Meet your board chair and his/her spouse for drinks; maybe the incoming one too!  Social can be good
Pick your own board president!  Or bring back one you really loved. (This really takes having some clout!)


If right for your community have hag school second day Sukkot and/or Simchat Torah and give other days off in exchange (whole week of Thanksgiving) and have vibrant holiday programming that the families would not otherwise have.

Professional Development

Teacher swaps... you have a teacher excellent in X that I need and I have a teacher excellent in Y that you need… we swap for a few days!

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