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Bonim B'Yachad works with Jewish day schools to create personalized live online courses in both Judaic and General studies subjects

Audience: Students in grades 3-12. 

Medium: All of our online courses take place live, according to each school's schedule and are designed in partnership with the schools. Our goal is for the online courses to fit seamlessly into the school's academic curriculum. In many ways, our teachers become part of the school's faculty. Most have school email accounts and many of our courses are integrated into the school's LMS. It really is a true partnership for the benefit of the students.

Most of our courses run for the entire school year, but each school is different. Some schools go per semester, and sometimes we are brought in because of a school staffing issue. We work with whichever tools the students are already comfortable using. For example, if the school is a Google school, our teachers will use Google Forms, Docs, etc. Same if the school uses a Microsoft backend. We also have several other tools and platforms depending on the subject and the age of the students.

Pricing and Discount Information: Every request is different. Our teachers have said that they would work "at cost." Depending on the request, it could be anywhere from completely free to 30-40% off of our regular prices. In general, schools pay for their courses per month. The monthly rate is based on the number of periods per week. So, a course can run anywhere for $450-$700, depending on the needs. Some of our services though are also free. For example, we are offering Zoom/video conference training sessions for school staff members. These types of sessions would not cost anything.

For principals who want to train their faculty: This is one of the services we are offering (free in most cases). Any schools wanting help, should just contact us. We will then follow up.

We are also offering tech support services for users and teachers. If schools decide to deploy their own online classes, we can serve as tech support for both the students signing in from home, and for the teachers. We offer email, chat, and phone real time support. This service is not free but for schools in EST, we are offering a rate of $18 per hour. Normally, we would charge $30 per hour.

Contact: or call our office at 732-572-6575.

More Information: Schools can visit our website ( and visit our various social media sites (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter). For services relating to Coronavirus, we have published a special landing page

We can offer training for faculty in basic online teaching via Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts, MS Teams, or other requested platforms. We can also help schools connect to these platforms, either via our connections with the different companies or by lending our licenses.