Trauma Informed Schools: What Do School Leaders Need to Know Right Now?

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Naama Erlich
Educational Administrators / Directors of Teaching and Learning, Heads of School, Student Services Professionals / School Counselors / School Psychologists
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NATAL - the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center is an apolitical nonprofit organization that specializes in the field of war and terror related trauma. During their time with us, they will share some of the language, practices, and strategies required for school leaders to navigate challenging times. Based on their years of experience training schools around the world, they will help school leaders gain a deeper understanding about leading their school communities most effectively right now.




Naama is a school psychologist, trauma therapist, group facilitator, and the educational program coordinator at NATAL. She oversees the organization’s work with the Israeli public and informal education systems, developing and coordinating resiliency programs tailored to fit the specific needs of educators, children, and youth. These programs are currently implemented all over Israel in schools and youth movements.