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From the Desk of Bathea James, RAVSAK President

by Bathea James Issue: Technology and Jewish Education

Dear Chevre,

A month has passed since our national conference and I am still reveling in its success. I have witnessed both the growth of RAVSAK and the expansion of the size and quality of the conference, and continue to enjoy the “nachas.” In conversation with a colleague, I compared RAVSAK to watching one’s child grow from an infant into a dynamic, productive young adult, who understands his/her place and responsibility in the community. As with children, the parenting and leadership of this organization has been an integral part of its success. Dr. Marc Kramer and his committed, talented staff in conjunction with the executive committee, past presidents and committee members have moved RAVSAK forward to its present position as the fastest growing network of Jewish day schools in North America.

Our 20th annual conference bore testimony to the important and vital role that RAVSAK plays in the success of our schools. The sessions ranging from diversity, ways to increase financial stability, leadership development, and legal issues among others, provided the participants with additional insight and skills to deal with some of the critical issues we face daily in our work. The partnering of PARDeS, NAAJHS and PEJE all added substance and vitality to the meeting.

In this issue of HaYidion you will find details of our naming opportunities for RAVSAK’S International Center for Jewish Education. The continued success of RAVSAK in the development of its programs, services and mission are dependent on sufficient resources, and I hope you will look over and consider the naming opportunities. Your donation to RAVSAK represents a meaningful way to show support of the critical work this organization does. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. You can support RAVSAK by visiting our website (www.ravsak.org) and make a donation online.

As my presidency comes to an end this summer, I am so grateful to have been part of this organization’s transition into adulthood. These two years have been some of the most stimulating and energizing times since I entered Jewish education. Thank you to my executive committee who worked so hard to help guide RAVSAK in the right direction. I take comfort in leaving RAVSAK in the capable hands of the its president Susan Weintrob, and look forward to watching RAVSAK grow into maturity and future success.


Bathea James

Bathea James is the President of RAVSAK. Bathea can be reached at: bjames@msn.com.

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Technology and Jewish Education

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