Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI)

The Premier Fellowship For New and Aspiring Heads of School

The Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) is a premier fellowship for new and aspiring heads of Jewish day schools and yeshivas. Mentors provide engaging experiential learning opportunities, cutting-edge leadership development, ongoing coaching, and spaces to collaboratively problem-solve with a cohort of peers. Over the course of two years, fellows will hone their skills and to develop the strong relationships that new and aspiring heads need to keep striving toward their leadership potential.


Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI)
DSLTI Cohort FY24


  • New heads of school who have completed one to three years as heads but have not had the opportunity to participate in DSLTI
  • Incoming heads of school who will begin their first headship
  • Educators and day school administrators who aspire to the headship
  • Candidates must have supervisory experience


  • Take deep dives into professional literature
  • Learn from experienced heads and professional consultants
  • Build a cohort of trusted colleagues
  • Engage in interactive case studies, and problem-based learning
  • Incorporate self-reflection into leadership practice
  • Become strategic leaders whose decisions, interactions, and priorities are grounded by the school’s mission and vision
Jane Cohen DSLTI
Daniella Pressner DSLTI
Mark Shpall DSLTI

Application Process

Cohort 14 applications will launch November 2024 and close February 2025.

If you are interested in applying and want more information before applications officially open, please reach out to [email protected].

DSLTI Impact

Cohort graduates join a robust alumni network of over 200 prestigious Jewish leaders. DSLTI-trained heads are currently providing outstanding leadership in over 115 Jewish day schools and yeshivas across North America. Our active alumni network continues to provide support and a space for collaboration long after the program ends, enabling participants to continue to grow their leadership practice.


DSLTI began in 1998 as a field program of the William Davidson School of Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary. To strengthen the capacity of leaders to serve their school communities, DSLTI and Prizmah are now a partnership, putting this landmark leadership development program on a path of continued growth and sustainability, positioned to effectively cultivate talent and invest in the next generation of day school leadership. Since the beginning, there have been 13 cohorts, representing over 200 prestigious Jewish day school and yeshiva leaders.