First Day of Prizmah Conference 2019

After the first day of Prizmah 2019, the easiest way to sum up my experience so far is that I feel like I’m at a big family reunion. There are the people I talk to all of the time and are always there to lend support and encouragement. There are the people I don’t talk to as often as I’d like, but I cherish the times we do get to connect. And there are the people I don’t really know (yet), but I know that if I needed something, they’d do whatever they could to help because we’re family, and that’s what family does. I’ve known some of these people for what seems like my entire life, and some of them I’ve met only today, but I feel an automatic connection to all of them. As a school administrator, I know it’s often easy to feel isolated and alone in my work. My husband and friends don’t really get what I do. There are confidentiality issues involved sometimes that limit what I can even share with people. And, really, I just don’t know how many people really understand it. But looking around the room during the times we were all together today, I felt inspired. I felt the power of the collective energy of 1000 lay leaders and professionals who care deeply about making tomorrow’s world better through the power of Jewish day school education. Being together with everyone reminds me that I am not alone and that I am part of something bigger. It reminds me that we are all in this together, and we are better when we can support each other to be the best versions of ourselves, workings for the best interests of our students. It reminds me why I entered this field and why I stay so committed, even through the challenges. It feels safe. It feels supportive. It feels like family. Dr. Sarah Levy Director of Jewish Life and Learning (K-12) Denver Jewish Day School 2450 S. Wabash St. - Denver, CO 80231 Phone: 303-369-0663 x103 E-mail: [email protected] Website: