Prizmah wants Jewish day schools and its leaders to see positive results for any change effort they embark on. To that end, we are proud to offer an array of programs that have proven to do just that. We are now accepting applications for the following programs:

Atidenu is an 18-month long program designed to provide Jewish day schools with the knowledge and skills that will bolster their recruitment and retention efforts. Over the course of the program, with support and guidance from an expert coach, your school will follow a thoughtful and strategic curriculum focused on key areas that will enhance, professionalize, and strengthen your enrollment practices. Click here to learn more. Application Deadline: June 1

Day School Engagement and Enrollment Initiative
The PJ Library-Prizmah Day School Engagement and Enrollment Initiative (DSEE) supports Jewish day schools in running PJ Library programs for families with young children. DSEE’s engaging, educational programs are an exciting and innovative way to meet the needs of young local families and showcase schools. Click here to learn more. Application Deadline: May 18

Launched in 2012, Generation is an intensive endowment-building program that transforms school budgets through the cultivation and solicitation of outright and legacy gifts to a school’s endowment. To date, Generations schools have raised over $108 million in endowment funds. Click here to learn more.  Application Deadline: June 1

Governance & Fundraising Academy
Governance & Fundraising Academy (GFA) is an 18-month long program designed to increase a school’s financial sustainability. By building a strong culture of philanthropy that combines best practices in governance, professional leadership, and fundraising, GFA will help transform your development professionals and lay leaders into a high-performance team. Click here to learn more. Application Deadline: June 1

Head of School Professional Excellence Program
The Head of School Professional Excellence Program (HOSPEP) is a year-long program that offers intensive one-on-one coaching and support to new and emerging heads of school. This comprehensive program is geared toward supporting new heads (within the first three years of their tenure) to bring their best to their new roles. Click here to learn more.  Application Deadline: April 27

YOU Lead
YOU Lead is an eight-month leadership development program that combines the best of online and in-person learning and covers a wide breadth of topics that leaders grapple with every day.
Together with peers, mentors, and top innovators in the day school world, participants reflect on practices and beliefs, challenge assumptions about Jewish education, and dive deeply into the defining issues of Jewish day school leadership in the 21st century. Click here to learn more. Application Deadline: April 27

Because we believe that everyone in your school should have the opportunity to learn, we are also proud to offer: 
Professional Development
We know that the teachers in your school want to learn. We believe lifelong learning should be an enriching, engaging, and fun component of any school community. We offer learning opportunities for teachers and administrators that reflect a deep understanding of Jewish day school norms and aspirations, a commitment to Jewish life, learning, and culture, and the latest thinking in teaching and learning. Click here to learn more.