Debra Shaffer Seeman


Debra is Prizmah's Director of Network Weaving. Debra oversees all of our work with Jewish day schools and yeshivas building cultures of belonging. Learn more about her here.

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Theory of Enchantment

Blog Article
School Policies and Procedures
Prizmah's Debra Shaffer Seeman, Director of Network Weaving, caught up with Chloé Valdary, founder and CEO of Theory of Enchantment, to discuss

Multiple Pathways on a Shared Journey

Blog Article
School Policies and Procedures
Over the past few years, Jewish day school and yeshiva leaders across the religious, political and geographic spectrum have committed time and

Valuing Women in Jewish School Leadership

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Prizmah Thought Leadership
Fifteen years ago, when I was the head of an Orthodox Jewish day school, there were the beginnings of whispers about equitable

Pesach 2019

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Teaching and Learning
For almost 20 years, I've been taken by the idea that the haggadah is constructed as the movement from silence to words