Prizmah offers many opportunities to build and experiment with new teaching and learning methods together.

SUMMER LEARNING HUBS: Join a cohort of educators for a learning adventure exploring the expertise at a peer school. Learn about meeting the needs of ALL your learners, different models of learning including problem-based and experiential, and more. 
POP-UPS: Prizmah Pop-Ups are meaningful (and fun!) peer-to-peer learning. Look for pop-ups on topics like student-centered learning, setting up successful faculty meetings, mindfulness, and asking great questions! Pop-ups are hosted in locations across North America, and you can even host your own!
PRIZMAH COLLABORATIVES: Come together online to learn, share, and grow with colleagues from across North America on topics like incorporating Hebrew learning and assessment standards into your classrooms, bringing new educational models to your teachers, using technology as an empowerment agent in the classroom, and joining a lesson-study cohort.
CONNECT & SHARE: Participate in a webinar series on assessment, differentiated instruction, and professionalizing our teaching methods and standards. 

For more information on our work in this area, contact Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch, or Daniel Weinberg,