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HaYidion Issue

Recent years have seen a new flourishing of initiatives to promote the affordability of Jewish schools. Schools, federations and foundations are experimenting with programs designed to lower the barrier to entry and to retain...

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Human Resources, Mental Health, Professional Leadership, School Policies and Procedures, Teaching and Learning
Many leaders strive to strengthen their own school’s cultures of belonging. Prizmah has gone deep into the work of building and strengthening cultures of belonging in schools, focusing on the human, curricular, policy...
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Mental Health
Mental health professionals at Jewish day schools and yeshivas were asked to share mental health resources they found particularly useful in their practice. Below are those resources organized by topic.
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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Professional Leadership, Research, Teaching and Learning
Learn how a leadership team structure that is aligned with institutional values has the capacity to effect impactful and sustained change within a school environment. Explore the process by which the organizational structure...
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Mental Health, School Policies and Procedures, Teaching and Learning
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Enrollment, Research
Censuses of Jewish Day Schools in the United States published by the AVI CHAI Foundation. Reports include data on number of students, the number schools, enrollment by grade and by denominational affiliation.
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Enrollment, School Policies and Procedures
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Affordability, Enrollment, School Policies and Procedures
Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Jewish day schools have delivered the best possible experience for students, faculty and families that we could hope for. Our schools have been praised for developing robust, creative, and...
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Teaching and Learning
This page contains educational resources to help schools, teachers, families and communities learn about, explore and enrich their Pesach (Passover).
The Prizmah Conference is the biennial gathering place of the Jewish day school and yeshiva network. The Conference offers unparalleled learning and networking, where field leaders explore leading practices, connect, and...