Yuri Foreman

Yuri ForemanHow did sports impact your Jewish identity?

For me personally it was a gradual process. I wasn't an observant Jew when I found my passion for boxing. Only when I started to get interested in Judaism, then I found so many parallels/correlations between boxing and Judaism. One of the most important qualities in boxing is to have a strong will/spirit/mind. For example: you have to control your emotions in the ring, like fear, anger, anxiety. In Judaism we have so many commandments “designed” to control emotions so we don't lose our way from the right track.

Judaism helped me to be a more refined athlete, and boxing helped me to attain confidence, the mental strength to be a more refined human being.


What advice would you give to a young Jewish athlete today?

My message is to believe in yourself with all your heart and with all your might and dream big because there is no dream that's is too big.

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