YOU Lead Alumni Programming

YOU Lead Alumni Deep Dive: Navigating Competing Agendas

How can you get everyone rowing in the same direction with a minimal amount of resistance? Do you have to get consensus, or can you get everyone aligned enough to start to move forward? How do you unpack the varying reactions to change that are affecting people’s buy in?

YOU Lead Alumni are invited to an exclusive Leadership Seminar with veteran educator and coach Pearl Mattenson. Participants will explore the questions above, amongst others, over three virtual interactive 90 minute sessions preceded by 1-2 short video lectures. These sessions are ideal for leaders supervising teams and leading change efforts.


YOU Lead Alumni Communities of Practice

We are offering, based on interest, to form any or all of the following communities:

Leadership Dilemmas of Practice Community
Open to any YOU Lead alumnus, this CoP’s topics will be driven by participants who will be invited to bring any current leadership dilemma to the group.

New Role Community
This CoP is for any YOU Lead alumnus who has started a new role either within their school or in a new one. Participants will bring dilemmas related to their new role to the group.

Women in Leadership Community
Limited to YOU Lead alumni women in leadership at any level in schools, this group will provide an opportunity for women leaders to discuss any of their leadership dilemmas with a cohort of peers.

Career Transitions Community
This CoP is for YOU Lead alumni thinking of or involved in career transitions. Dilemmas will focus on various aspects of participants’ transition and decision making process.

Topic Specific Community
Less dilemma and more action oriented, YOU Lead alumni in this CoP will focus on a particular topic related to educational leadership, supervision, curriculum or pedagogy. Participants will share expertise and work on developing practical approaches to important issues. If you are interested in this CoP, please specify the topic you are interested in working on (and feel free to rally colleagues from other schools to make the same request).


Registration deadline: Sunday October 24th
Dates and times determined via poll by: Sunday October 31st

YOU Lead Alumni Book Club

Combining new learning and community, the YOU Lead Book Club will meet monthly to discuss a leadership book chosen by participants. The group will be led by YOU Lead Mentor and renowned coach Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and will push participants to reflect on the book’s implications for themselves and their leadership practice.

Meetings will begin in the second half of November with specific dates and times for the book determined by registered participants. To register and select your preferred book, click here.


Registration deadline: Sunday October 24th
Dates and times determined via poll by: Sunday October 31st