Tuition typically covers more than 80% of a school’s operating budget. Investing in your school’s capacity to recruit new students and retain current students is vital to your school’s sustainability and success.

About Atidenu

Effective recruitment and retention requires increasingly sophisticated marketing and planning. Atinenu provides an intensive immersion in the best practices for creating and implementing a recruitment and retention strategy geared for your school, your community, and the local market in which your school operates and competes for students.

The program involves three core components:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your current recruitment and retention practices and challenges.
  • A three-day convening where you’ll learn from leading independent and Jewish day school recruitment and retention experts and connect with your fellow Atinenu participants.
  • 64 hours of customized coaching to help your school create and carry out a practical, long-term plan to enhance recruitment and retention.

 Schools participate in the program as a team—usually consisting of the admissions director, head of school, marketing and development staff, and/or lay leaders.

The Atidenu Difference

Our program team consists of longstanding experts in various facets of Jewish day school recruitment and retention, including ambassadorship and marketing. From these leaders in the field, you’ll receive customized guidance, best practices, and coaching on:

  • Identifying your market segments (e.g., target neighborhoods, synagogues, etc.).
  • Pinpointing these segments’ needs and priorities to make a compelling case for your school’s value.
  • Defining your school’s strengths, points-of-distinction, and value proposition (e.g., Judaics program, innovations in STEM learning, lab facilities, educational outcomes, college admissions track-record, etc.).
  • Developing powerful messaging on your value proposition geared for each market segment.
  • Designing a marketing plan and calendar, including the use of social media and other tools to reach and engage your markets over time.
  • Creating a robust retention plan that deeply connects students and their families to your school over time—by continually reinforcing their return on investment, building a sense of belonging, and nurturing a school community that families feel proud to be a part of.
  • Data management of your recruitment/retention activities, goals, and outcomes.

Learn more about Atidenu or apply for the Fall 2017 program cycle by contacting: Dan Perla.

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