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Amy is Prizmah's Senior Director of Catalyzing Resources. Learn more about her here.

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Midyear Enrollment Trends: Navigating the Waves

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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Enrollment
Enrollment trends play a pivotal role in shaping the present and future of our schools. Over the last few years, Jewish day

Nurturing Growth and Excellence: The Vital Role of Collaboration and Community Engagement in Jewish Day Schools

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Prizmah Thought Leadership
Within the contemporary educational landscape, Jewish day schools and yeshivas hold a crucial position in cultivating cultural identity, teaching religious values, and

The Value of an Alumni Professional

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Fundraising & Development, Enrollment
The age range of your school’s alumni may vary depending on when it was established, encompassing individuals from the Baby Boomer generation

Community Endowments: Helping Parents and Helping Schools

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Fundraising & Development, School Policies and Procedures
It was spring 2020, and Covid-19 was running rampant in Los Angeles. Schools, both public and private, had closed their buildings, and

Enrollment Grows for Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivas

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Enrollment, Research

Endowments: It’s Time

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Fundraising & Development
By Amy Adler and Dan Perla Over this past year, Prizmah’s work in the area of school advancement shifted to meet the

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Working Together to Increase Affordability

HaYidion Article
The past few years have witnessed not only a significant increase in the number of new tuition models offered by schools or

Accelerating Impact: Transforming the Field

HaYidion Article
Jewish day schools provide a strong foundation for Jewish identity, engagement and leadership. The Jewish leaders of tomorrow are in the classrooms