Rabbi Jim Rogozen

Rabbi Jim Rogozen

Rabbi Jim Rogozen is the director of BJE LA’s Center for Excellence in Early Childhood and Day School Education. He oversees the agency’s wide range of support to 34 affiliated day schools and 57 affiliated early childhood programs. Jim served as a head of school for 29 years, primarily at Gross Schechter Day School in Cleveland. He served as the chair of the Northern California Day School Principal’s Council for seven years, as the chair of the Schechter Principals’ Council, and the board chair of the Schechter Day School Network. He was also on the founding executive board of RAVSAK.

Mental Health Initiatives: How to Avoid “Failure to Launch”

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Recent articles and gatherings, including Prizmah’s Mental Health Summit, have addressed a growing concern about mental health issues in our schools. While