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Rachel is Prizmah's Director of Educational Innovation. Learn more about her here.

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What Makes a Great PD Experience

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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Professional Leadership, Teaching and Learning
At Prizmah we have had the joy of creating all sorts of professional development experiences, some with partner organizations and some on

Thought Leadership on Hebrew Education

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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Teaching and Learning
Recently, I was asked what schools are struggling with most, aside from Covid-related things (as if there is anything aside from that)

Planting Deep Connections from Afar: Yom HaAtzma’ut During This Second Covid Year

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School Policies and Procedures
A year ago, none of us dreamed that we’d be back having the same conversations again one year later. How can we

Leveling Up

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So you have this idea. Maybe this idea has been in the back of my mind for awhile. Maybe it is new

“Not What I Had in Mind": Our Teachers’ Journey During the “Flood”

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Teaching and Learning, School Policies and Procedures, Mental Health
So I am supposed to teach the students in front of me, in my physical room, for six hours in my mask

Living In-Between

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School Policies and Procedures
Upside down. That’s how our world feels now. When so many of us left our school buildings in March, it is was