Strengthening Lay Leadership – A Customized Approach

Strong, well-functioning boards are integral to the success of professional leaders. In turn, highly productive lay-professional partnerships help develop and sustain excellent schools. Whether a lay leader is transitioning to a new role or is a veteran looking to sharpen skills, our customized Board support and training can meet any need, situation, and budget. We train boards on practice, governance, and self-assessment; offer individualized coaching and consultation to board chairs; and bring together lay leaders and heads of school for unique partnership coaching.

Who it is for

Exactly as the name implies, our customized offerings provide support for new and veteran lay leaders, for entire Boards, and for Board chairs and heads of school together.

What it is

Our training and support are whatever you need them to be. Our extensive lay leader resources reflect that vast and varied support we provide. As one example, Prizmah uses Boardified to offer comprehensive training in governance. Other programs we utilize can address other Board needs.

How it works

We strengthen lay leadership by first making sure we understand your needs. Only after listening to you and taking stock of your situation do we propose a customized course of action. Topics and areas we help address include annual Board retreats, Boards’ roles in fundraising, Board ambassador training, Board self-assessment, and more.


Customized for your budget


Contact Ilisa Cappell, Senior Vice President, Engagement, at [email protected] to learn more.

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