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Special Education in Jewish Community Day Schools

Special Education in Jewish Community Day Schools

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Notes From The Executive Director

by Dr. Marc N. Kramer Dec 08, 2005

We all know the old saw about the newspaper with the motto “all the news that fits we print,” and today I found out how true to life this adage can be. Deferring to our many talented contributors to this issue of HaYidion, my column has been relegated to the back page – and to 300 words or less. But as the head of any dynamic organization knows, it is nearly impossible to say all that must be said about our many challenges and many successes. Thus, in brief, allow me to mention one major success story in the making, and one challenge which I know we can meet with your help:

From the Desk of Bathea James, RAVSAK President

by Bathea James Dec 08, 2005

It is so hard to believe that we are fast approaching 2006. I hope that you are all back to teaching full time after a very fragmented October. More so, I hope that the joy of the holidays is not simply a memory - that it sustains you in your important work as leaders in the Jewish community dayschool movement.

A School Within a School that Meets the Needs of Jewish Children Who Learn Differently

by Phyllis Rosenthal Dec 08, 2005

The children in M’silot are the Greenfield Hebrew Academy’s best advertising for this innovative and nationally recognized program for students who learn differently. A “school within a school,” M’silot (“pathways” in Hebrew) provides children with an educational environment in which they become empowered learners, maximize their potential by building new skills, and develop a positive self image – all under a Jewish umbrella. Six years ago the program began with eight first grade students and now has eighty-five students who are currently in or have completed the program. M’silot gauges its success by the outstanding growth and development of these students.