It is expected that the approval for the Homeland Security Nonprofit Grants will be announced soon and that the 2017 applications will be available quickly thereafter.  Historically there has been a very short window between the announcement of the grant and application due date. Therefore we suggest the following take place so that you are prepared to begin.

  • Put your grant writing team together; HOS, Board Member/s responsible for security, Security Staff, Grounds Staff, Development Director.
  • Pull all of your security assessments and have them readily available; you will need to use these to prove your need.
  • Have a list of all threats that have taken place within a 50-mile radius of your campus in the last 2 years (especially those with a religious or school association.)
  • Know what you want to ask for and have costs associated with those projects; they need to directly correlate to what you perceive are the threats to your campus (ie: the improvement will lessen the potential threat.)  Remember that no personnel needs can be included in this grant request. Read the target hardening section carefully to be sure your requests fall within the permitted guidelines. They need to equal the amount of the grant.
  • Begin to write drafts based on the 2016 application (link below) as it will be similar; be sure to include sound reasons why your campus could be a target for terrorism.
  • Read the "threat, vulnerability and potential consequences" section very carefully and prepare your answers.
  • Create a timeline for when you would implement the security upgrades should you receive the grant and have a plan for who will oversee the projects; include collaboration with both state and local security.
  • Create a statement on how you will know the investment in the security  upgrades were successful 

Here are some helpful links: