Moot Beit Din

Moot Beit Din provides high-school students with a first-hand look at the inner workings of the Jewish legal system and helps them sharpen their critical thinking skills by applying the ancient wisdom of halakhah(Jewish law) to some of the most headline-making issues of today.  Teams of students are assigned a topic and work together to craft a written argument based on rabbinic sources. Moot Beit Din culminates in weekend long shabbaton where student teams from across the country gather to present their case to a panel of judges.

The Jewish Court of All Time (JCAT)

JCAT takes some of history’s greatest thinkers off the shelves and into the lives of middle school students across North America by giving them the chance to debate a current hot topic through the lens of key historical figures. By utilizing an integrated social platform – think Facebook for Golda Meir or the RAMBAM – students actively engage with peers as they debate current events through the lens of their assigned character.

Hebrew Badge Project

The Hebrew Badge Project aims to elevate the importance of Hebrew language in Jewish day schools; motivating, encouraging, and celebrating student engagement in the authentic use of Hebrew. With guidance from their teachers, middle school students earn digital badges for designing, creating, and presenting a project in Hebrew. Each badge is aligned with a Jewish sensibility, such as Kehillah- community, Gemilut Chesed- bestowing kindness, and Simcha- joy.

Announcing the Winners