Coaching: Teachers

Coaching is the fastest way to see real improvement in the classroom and real retention amongst your faculty. We will work, at varying levels, with your teachers to improve instruction and student performance.

edJEWcon: Learn, Reflection, and Share

A cohort based program – for teachers and administrators looking to adapt and grow in response to our rapidly changing world – using connected learning practices to document, reflect upon, and share their process.

Jewish  Educators’ Institute

A year-long program providing an immersive Beit Midrash experience to re-energize 4th through 12th grade teachers’ fluency with Jewish texts and give their teaching a reboot. Beginning with an intensive five-day convening followed by programming throughout the year, JEI introduces an approach to havrutalearning that supports students’ ethical, spiritual, and intellectual growth. It also models how to use the ideals and skills havruta learning espouses to deepen students’ learning relationships with one another and the Torah.

Professional Development for Small Schools

Prizmah is thrilled to offer a complimentary, online interactive series every month that is dedicated exclusively to small schools (less than 50 students). Topics will include:

  • Developing an Integrated Curriculum
  • Strengthening the Early Childhood Pipeline
  • Building Strong Learning Communities
  • Fundraising on a Dime
  • Beyond the Annual Campaign
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

Professional Learning Community: Design & Implementation

For teachers and administrators interested in designing and leading a professional learning community, or PLC, – a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

Teacher Induction Investment Program

Designed to develop new and veteran teachers through mentorship and cohort learning, we will engage educators at every level to develop systems and practices that support new teachers and enhance all teachers’ ability to succeed.

Teacher Rounds

Effective teacher rounds involve cycles of peer observation, debriefing, and self-reflection that enable teachers to learn from one another through feedback and modeling. We will work with you, at varying levels, to introduce teacher rounds to your schools and support its implementation.

Announcing the Winners